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Join the caravan of love

Roam campaign : Please helpAnother letter from Viz.  This time, it is someone on the internet looking urgently looking for help so being a leading travel website since about 47 BC, let’s see what we can do.

Oi Drivers – Please check your registration to see if you have a caravan that matches this number plate.

Always ready to be of assistance G.M of Kent.


The anti-tourist attraction

Dismaland Brochure

Dismaland Brochure

Britain’s newest tourist attraction opened recently where it is a Bemusement Park called “Dismaland“.

If you’ve not heard of it by now it is a 5 week temporary attraction that was put together by my mate Banksy and features attractions designed by many international artists.

Located at Western Super-mare in a disused outdoor swimming pool previously known as ‘Tropicana’, Dismaland is described by Banksy as “festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism” and is billed as “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction”. Continue reading..

Kids toy banned as a weapon of gas destruction

The despicable me 2 fart blaster.

The ‘Despicable me 2 fart blaster’ is now on the do not fly list

Bloody airport security. Wot they gonna confiscate next eh? Fart guns that’s wot !

Yeh, that’s wot ‘appened to little Leo Fitzpatrick aged 3 when his Minions ‘fart blaster’ not allowed on flight as it has a trigger where rules classify it as replica weapon.

Oi Security at Dublin Airport. Bugger Off and catch real security threats like those terris’ts pretending to be Grannies.

PS: I don’t know about kids toys but I know some people (Clodius – I’m talking to you) whose real life flatulence would count a chemical warfare especially on a plane.

PPS: Walmart has the offending item for $16.99. For an optional $2.00 you can get a 2 year warranty. How useful is that !

Beware : the Hello Peril


Ah, how cute….

EVA Airways has a new service going from IAH to Taipai where the ENTIRE plane is an “Hello Kitty” theme.

The jet exterior: “Hello Kitty”. The cabin : “Hello Kitty”. The seats: “Hello Kitty”. The food : “Hello Kitty”.

It goes without saying that their EVA website is all “Hello Kitty” where it even gives biography’s of the lovely cuddly characters. How cute.

My ARSE it is. I’ve got uncontrolled air rage just thinking ’bout this and I haven’t even stepped foot on the aircraft.

Being stuck on this stupid fecking aircraft sitting on stupid seats, eating stupid cutey food is my worst nightmare.Even the toilet is: “Hello Kitty” so you can’t even take a crap to get away from this crap.

What is more is you’ll stupid fecking price premium to fly this.You’d be crazy to book this and I should blood well know !

Oi EVA,  I’d rather jump off the Tarpeian Rock than fly this shite.


Kitty Air

The plane..

The seats, pillows, toilets..

The food..

The food..

Hole lotta lurve

Stick this in your pipe(Photo: Manchester Evening News)

It’s great to see the plebs fight back !

In Manchester,  (In Eng-er-land),  a campaigner called “Wanksy” has taken to highlight pot holes by drawing Phalli around them. The council is not amused where ‘town hall bosses slam him for exposing youngsters to obscene images’. [Manchester evening news].

Obscene images eh? Have they seen the internet?

Good old Wanksy I say. We need to give kids an education in the important ‘fings in life like drawing phallic objects in public.

But it got the results didn’it? The pot holes were filled in within 48 hours.

Oii !!! Councils: Fix your pot holes arse holes!