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Captain’s Log : Passengers literally cause stink on a Delta flight

Mr Hanky from Southpark

Mr Hanky rumored to have been spotted on an International flight

Dahlings, a Big Ewwwwwwwwww. Why did I read this before going to bed?

I refer to a story from our favorite love to hate rag, the Daily Mail.

Airline passengers kick up a stink on Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit after Chinese family let toddler poop on his seat

  • Incident occurred on Delta Airlines flight when family laid newspaper on seat
  • Passengers watched in horror as he crouched down and passed motion
  • Parents refused to take him to toilet despite pleas from passengers and crew
  • Incident sparked complaints from travelers after smell wafted through plane
  • Social media users in China slam family for ’embarrassing’ their homeland

Do a cursory search on Interweb and you see this as a common complaint about China: Parents allowing kids to deficate in public. This one from 2013, is from South China Morning Post observed in Taiwan airport where the picture shows a tot doing his business on newspaper. At least this article attempted to explain it due to a shortage of public toilets in china and where the do exist, they are usually Gross. Just like airplane restrooms mid-way into a busy flight.

Of course there could be another more subtler explanation here: newspapers. Maybe the papers being crapped on are simply local versions of the Daily Mail?

Ciao for now, Cleo


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