Brooklyn Bridge

“The best, most effective medicine my soul has yet partaken—the grandest physical habitat and surroundings of land and water the globe affords—namely, Manhattan island and Brooklyn, which the future shall join in one city—city of superb democracy, amid superb surroundings.”  The Poet, Walt Whitman 1878.
View of Brooklyn Bridge : Wikipedia commons licence

View of Brooklyn Bridge : Wikipedia commons licence

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it spans the East River connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn which were at the time two seperate cities. It was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is well worth a visit for it’s panoramic views. It has a wide pedestrian walkway open to walkers and cyclists, in the center of the bridge and higher than the automobile lanes. In 1971, a center line was painted to separate cyclists from pedestrians, creating one of the City’s first dedicated bike lanes.

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R2R thumbs upThe Good

Sample of positive comments posted on TripAdvisor

“Even though the day was gray & chilly, we decided to bundle up, take the train to Brooklyn and walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. With the Manhattan skyline in front of us, we enjoyed the amazing views of the city and the East River. We shared the walkway with just a few pedestrians & cyclists that day. It was a fantastic experience!” 


“We met a friend living in New York and they only advice they gave to us was that we must walk the Bridge Brooklyn to Manhattan rather than the usual Manhattan to Brooklyn, and they were right!”   “My daughter & her kids came to visit us in upstate NY, so we took the train down to Manhattan for a day. It was my birthday…memorable, great sights from the bridge, wonderful exercise, view of Statue of Liberty…heartfelt memory. I’m so glad we took the walk”

Some positive comments on Yelp

“Great view of the NYC skyline and of the bridges’ architecture. Provides tourists with some of the best, most memorable and iconic photos of NYC. Best time to cross is early morning to avoid the throngs of crowds and for best lighting for photos. On a nice weekend day, the pedestrian and bike path is mobbed with tourists by mid-morning.”


“This bridge is a pleasure to walk across. I went on a fair October day and the view was simply stunning. It’s a fairly long walk but enjoyable at every point. Take in the magnificent architecture, the cars below, and the river surrounding you. “

The Bad

Sample of the more negative comments on TripAdvisor

“An iconic bridge seen in countless movies to finally walk over- it has reasonable views and despite the traffic noise the views are worth it. However be aware of crowds posing for selfies who make you walk on the supposedly cyclist only lane and then be prepared for aggressive cyclists screaming at you for blocking their way. Many are more gentle and ring their bell but others ride fast and close before yelling at you . Not for the faint hearted !” 


“Brooklyn is beautiful. The Manhattan skyline is beautiful. But seriously, how does one rate a bridge? You walk across it, you stand on it, you look around. Its free.”    “The views are fantastic and it’s definitely something you should do at least once while you are in the city. However, be prepared for it to be really crowded and also be aware that people actually live in this city and this bridge serves as a commuter bridge for them to get to/from work.”

Not so positive comments on Yelp:

“My husband and I walked on Brooklyn Bridge Oct 2011. The experience made us fume. I think this bridge and this city should make headline “We love bicyclists. We do not love pedestrians and visitors. Go home! We do not need your tourist money here, suckers!


“The bridge is very narrow and packed. Instead of strolling through enjoying the weather, the walk,etc.. I found myself speed-walking to maneuver the crowd and to avoid the irate bikers and their obnoxious bike horns. “


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