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Ruff guide to driving

Kids today . Shesh, can’t take ’em anywhere eh?

It was a normal day in Abingdon, Scotland and Farmer Tom Hamilton was tending to his flock of sheep with his trusty faithful sheepdog, Don.

However, Don was no ordinary sheepdog. Farmer Hamilton knew that Don had Lassie like powers of perception.

As Farmer Hamilton was driving around their hills in their John Deere Gator farm vehicle, Don sat in the passenger seat eagerly looking out for adventure.

“Woof Woof Woof” barked Don suddenly.

Farmer Hamilton then spotted his favorite sheep, Flossy. “I see her Don, she doesn’t look her normal happy self. Just listen to her. Her ‘Baa’s’ are more like ‘Bhaaaa’ “. I wonder what could be up?”.

Don responded “Woof.  Woof. Woof”

“Ach lad. I think one of her kin might have fallen down a well” agreed Farmer Hamilton. Continue reading..