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Farmer’s Alamanac prediction: bloody freezing again.

A very poor original Roaman joke about the weather.

A very poor but original Roaman joke about the weather.

I think we’d all agree that US 2014/15 winter was a harsh one.

Well start looking for your warm clothing again as Farmer’s Almanac is saying 2015/16 is going to be more of the same and even places like Pacific NW is going to be hit hard with snow.

California will get some rains but later in the winter it will revert to being dry.

Another reason why if you are flying, to go through Southern airports in the winter but come to think of it, it didn’t matter for some airports like Dallas or even Atlanta were hit by winter storms.

Maybe you should just stay in doors and read articles moaning about the weather.



Flypocalypse strikes Eastern US

Map showing the diversions around the Eastern starboard

Urgh, our sympathies to 10,000’s of you who were impacted by the computer malfunction at the air traffic center at Leesburg VA, which resulted in delaying all incoming and outgoing flights at all Eastern airports.

The issue happened around 9:45 am and was fixed about 4:00 pm. From the Washington Post:

The Washington facility and other control centers dictate routing once airplanes reach an altitude above about 20,000 feet. (Once they go below that altitude, they are directed to airports by controllers at Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities called TRACONs. For final approaches and takeoffs, they are directed from control towers.)

When the Washington control center stopped functioning, the TRACON serving National and BWI had no one it could hand flights off to as the planes reached cruising altitude. And East Coast flights — for example, a Miami-New York flight — were delayed or routed around the airspace controlled by the Washington center.

So there you have it. At least you know why you were screwed.

The joys of travel.

The Money Pit

Capturing that sinking feeling at the National Corvette Museum

They say “no such thing as bad publicity” which in the case of National Corvette Museum, it is true. To recap this is where a giant sink hole appears inside the museum and sucked down 8 cars that were valued at over $1 million. Not only that but some of those cars were on loan.

Now it seems the Museum has repaired itself and put the damaged cars as exhibits themselves. This exhibit has itself become a tourist magnet. From the Daily Mail:

In the gift shop, jars of sinkhole dirt and rocks fetch $10 apiece. Nearly 2,400 jars had sold through July. 

Wanda Cohen of Roswell, Georgia, had just posted a photo of a wrecked car on her Facebook page.

‘It’s like looking at the worst wrecks you’ve ever seen,’ she said.
For museum officials, the trick is to keep the site’s popularity from going in reverse now that visitors can’t gawk at the sinkhole. The museum cashed in on the giant chasm with record attendance and revenue in 2014.

Last year, the museum just off the interstate drew 251,258 visitors, easily topping the 150, 462 visitors in 2013. The museum’s prior record attendance was 200,900 in 1999. Through last month, attendance for 2015 was off just 2.5 percent compared to the first seven months of 2014, the museum said.


Traveling across the Dating Line

It’s just a date

Look at the Southwest flight mag “The Magazine” and one thing you see every month is the adverts to hook people up.

The idea is to appeal to the successful road warrior who is too busy with their career and lifestyle to meet the person of their dreams.

Hey that’s no problem, the ladies with the perfect teeth at “Hey let’s hook you up” will arrange your perfect match.

Really busy? then they can do it over lunch where you get to meet other similar time challenged people.

Except if you are that busy with business travel, this is not exactly the foundation for a stable and loving relationship. Continue reading..

Enterprise: Chips off the new block

Perils of car rentals

As I returned the car, the Enterprise employee said “There is a Chip in the windshield. Was it recorded when when I picked it up?”

“No, it was there when I hired it but only noticed it the second day”, I truthfully said.

The size of the chip was small in just to the right of the driver’s wiper. You wouldn’t notice it unless the sun was shinning directly on it. When I picked the car up, it was late evening and I only drove a few miles staying at the airport hotel while I waited for Mrs Caesar to come in on a late flight where she had missed her connecting flight. I did see it when we drove off the next day. Continue reading..

The Wrath of Genghis Khan video

Genghis Khan – still causing trouble after all these years.

In the news was the strange story about Chinese security who arrested 20 tourists from Britain, South Africa and India. The tourist were traveling as a party and were 30 days into a 47 day organized tour of China when officials accused them of being linked to a terror group and watching propaganda videos in their hotel room.

A few days later the tourists apparently ‘confessed’ and were deported without charge. It was claimed by some in the group that it was a misunderstanding where the video was a BBC documentary about Genghis Khan.

Sounds like the script to a 1970’s sitcom doesn’t it?

However, when you try to dig out the details of the story from UK and South African press, it turns more into a story of political intrigue that leaves quite a few open questions unanswered. Continue reading..

The best things in life are free

Shevans Park, Morehead NC

Shevans Park, Morehead NC. Not mentioned in any tourism document but it was a major hit with our kids

As mentioned previously, The Caesar family is on vacation in North Carolina. For our first week, we stayed at the Bask Hotel in Morehead. While we booked a double room intending for mainly Mr and Mrs Caesar and Caesar junior, the grown up first daughters and their families ended up staying a few nights.

While exploring the area around the hotel, we discovered a children’s playground, Shevans Park, which was a wooden Fort with plenty of ramparts, swings, slides and a sandbox for the kids to be kids. Our children loved it and wanted to return the next day and the next.

Funny thing is that you don’t see this mentioned on as a tourist attraction yet it was such a big hit. That is often the case with many of the simpler things in life like parks or natural attractions.

Another thing noted during this trip was the fact that North Carolina State parks don’t seem to charge admission. We visited Fort Macon and also the State park which has great beaches that with pavillions, restrooms and showers. You don’t even have to pay for parking.  Continue reading..

Hello Sharkness my old friend

Something Fishy going on in North Carolina.  copyright

Something Fishy in North Carolina.

The Caesars are vacationing up on the North Carolina coast with the greater Caesar family. We’ve been on the beach a few times but have noted the news about shark attacks.

As of 3rd July, there have been seven people attacked in the past three weeks alone where the latest was a 68 year old man in waste deep water off Ocracoke Island on the outer banks.

Wanting to see where the attacks are happening, I called up a google map of North Carolina. They are not near to where I am staying near Atlantic Beach area but what’s that tree logo in the sea?  The Mid Atlantic Shark Area – What the fire engine ! No wonder. 

Map of North Carolina

North Carolina Shark park







Curious about significance of these attacks, I looked up University of Florida records who track Shark attacks. I was surprised to see that Florida was the highest location for sourcing shark attacks. In fact, New Smyrna Beach – south of Daytona – is the place where most of these occur. Continue reading..

The Sousse Massacre

BBC news: scene of the horror

Our thoughts go out to the innocent victims of shootings in Sousse, Tunisia. As I write, the death toll is 39 where nationals from Tunisia, Britain, Germany, Ireland and Belgium were shot while they were relaxing on the beach.

This is a follow attack from march where 22 were shot while visiting the Bardo Museum in Tunis.

While obviously terrible for the victims, this is a disaster for Tunisian tourism and possibly other countries in the middle East. The Daily Telegraph article “lessons were not learnt from Bardo museum attack” explains the Port el-Kantaoui resort would have been easy to secure as it was self contained and purpose built resort.

The culprits behind both attacks are the scourge known as ISIS. On the same day, they attacked an Air-Liquide factory in Lyon and bombed a Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait.

What is the world waiting for? Wipe them out. 

TSA Stockholm syndrome

While coming back through Detroit airport, I got to experience the fun of the TSA at their finest.

I am not sure if they have new equipment of what, but in the line I went through they required you NOT to remove anything from your backpacks. Nor did they want you to remove your belt. Shoes were to stay on.

This confused a lot of passengers including me.

The response to puzzled looks and questions about this procedure, got the same old bored tone response “Do NOT to remove laptops from your bags. LEAVE shoes on. LEAVE your belts on. HOLD you keys or coins in your hands.  I SAID DO NOT REMOVE anything from bags”.

Going through Hobby airport today, the TSA is the old style TSA. I heard the refreshing bored orders of “REMOVE your laptops from your bags. TAKE your shoes off. TAKE your belts off. Coins in the bins”.

Oh, back to normality. Treat me like the filthy naughty passenger I am. Screen me. Wand me. It is for my own benefit.

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