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Houston we have a problem

“.Don’t shoot”: A crimbo robs a Houston camera crew.

As part of an initiative to promote Houston, a film crew was were filming a promotional video in front of a piece of local art that proudly says “WE LOVE HOUSTON”.

Lights. Camera. Action.

And action it was when an unscripted event happened and a man produced a handgun and robbed them of their equipment.

“It’s ironic we were there filming a video about how awesome Houston is when it happened,” Jankovic says.

..Luckily for Jankovic one of the cameras that the suspect stole, the GoPro, was rolling time-lapse footage when it was taken. The suspect ditched the GoPro but not before a picture of the suspect was captured. That GoPro and the weapon used in the robbery were found at the construction site.

Jankovic says the gun ended up being plastic.

I’ll bet the perp didn’t expect he’d be filmed. The best quote in the Houston Chronicle article:

This incident will likely not end up in the final cut of the realty company’s promotional video.

No. They don’t say..

Volkwagen : smoking guns


Roads-2-Roam was waiting for VW’s side of the scandal to make a call but some recent internal news leaks are very compelling against Volkswagen.

Two separate German ‘serious’ newspapers have identified sources that say VW knew about this many years ago but did nothing. They held out until they were busted recently.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (What a name !) suggests that some VW technicians tried to blow the whistle in 2011.

The other newpaper, Bild am Sonntag, goes back even further with a letter from the supplier of the engine controller unit – Bosch – that warned VW back in 2007 not to use their software illegally.

Citing unidentified sources, Bild said Bosch had warned Volkswagen as early as 2007 that its software should only be used in company tests and not for normal driving.

Das Auto. Was ist passiert?

I’m afraid Volkswagen corporate management (Not sure we will feed the unrelated part of VW AG), it is time to feed you to the lions.

Bags of trouble

Passengers having evacuated the burning plane pictured with their carry on luggage.

From the BBC news: This is a picture of some of the passengers departing the burning British Airways plane at Las Vegas airport.

They took their luggage down the emergency shute.

How stupid and selfish is that?

I hope I never will be in a situation like that but if there is an aircraft fire and evacuation is ordered, then I will be violently pushing aside any person gathering their baggage if they are holding up my family up or myself from getting off a burning plane. When it comes to a fire, time is a premium.

It is also reported that some of the passengers were bare foot. NEVER travel on airplane with flip flops or take you shoes off before plane is in the air and stable flying altitude. You may need to be stepping on a very hot surface,  broken glass  or metals shards in event of an emergency.

Another thing about the shoes: The come in handy to doling our a good kick to that person blocking your way while they fish out their duty free.

Oranges are not the only fruits

Picture from The Orange show

Pictures from The Orange show. One of Houston’s unique attractions

Following on from the HOA battle with the dinosaurs in Sugarland, I decided to go and re-check out Houston’s batshitterycrazy scene and places associateed with ‘The Orange show‘.

I took Patricious just to get him off his Xbox but I pre-warned him that what he will see, I may not have any explanation about why they did it. So off to 2401 Munger Street, we went – $5 for me but free for kids under 12. As expected I could not explain why or what this entire thing is about. Something about someone who liked oranges and collected random bits of stuff. I think Patricious now understands that sometimes people are just crazy but hey, no one was harmed in the making of whatever the orange show is supposed to be. Continue reading..

Homeassociatic Park


Strange things seen in Greater Houston: Copyright

One thing I’ve thought strange about living in America is that in the Land of the free, freedom of how you can actually express yourself is severely constrained by the local home owner association (HOAs).

No fence in your outside yard to protect you house from trespassers; No grass above a few inches or turn your outside yards into a natural haven for butterflies; No painting your house with those Socialist rainbow colors; No broken links on your basketball hoop; No dinosaurs to scare away other potential dinosaurs. Continue reading..

‘Pour le merite’ : Congratulations to the Arras heroes

Arras Train hero's receiving Legion of Honor

Arras Train hero’s receiving Legion d’honneur

Well, One thing you can say about the French is that they didn’t waste any time in handing out the honors.

Receiving the Legion d’honneur (Legion of Honor) from President François Hollande at the Élysée Palace today was:

  • Anthony Sadler, US
  • Spencer Stone, US
  • Alek Skarlatos, US
  • Chris Norman, UK

The details of another hero which has come through is Mark , a 51 year old French American. Moogalian was the person who wrestled away the Kalishnokov but was shot in the neck (not the banker that was previously reported). He will receive the same award at a later date when he recovers.

However, the role and identity of the French banker ‘Dominic’ remains a bit mysterious.


No 72 Virgins for you: Train massacre foiled by brave passengers

US Airman Spencer Stone leaving hospital Photo: Reuters

It is fantastic news about the passengers who overpowered the ISIS terrorist on the French train.

More of the story is coming out where not only were the US young men heroes for tackling the gunman, but there is a 28 year old French banker, who had wrestled away the Kalishnikov before the gunman pulled out his luger to continue his attack. The banker was shot in the chest where he is now in intensive care but in “serious but stable” condition. We wish that person (who wishes to remain anonymous) a speedy recovery

The bravery of all these men prevented a bloodbath. These are true heroes where we tend to overuse it for anyone wearing a uniform.

A Hero should be used exclusively for heroic actions. Continue reading..

Announcement : Caesar’s Dad joins Roam

roam dad finalFellow Roamans lend me your ears.

It is with pleasure to announce that a new character, Caesar’s Dad, will be joining the staff as a guest writer.

When we can persuade him to stick his head out of his shed and stop listening to Radio Roam, Caesar’s Dad will dictate to a scribe his thoughts and reviews.

He will bring his own particular viewpoint to a travel site in that he never wants to meet anyone, go anywhere or do anything different from his daily routine.

The Mistaken Ride

Can you take me to Hades?

Excuse me, can you take me to Hades?

This is a story posted on Facebook by one of my friends. August 15th

This happened last Monday.
There’s still plenty of time before the games in our Monday Dart League at Clover Leaf starts when I arrived so I parked and waited inside the car. I was busy with my phone oblivious of what’s going around the place when suddenly two Arab-looking guys, probably in their 40s approached me.

Without a word, each opened the back seat doors and slumped themselves inside. I sat still feeling cold and terrified not knowing what to do. I waited for the worst thing to happen… a gun or a knife at the back of my head, demand for something. But they just sat there calmly looking at me. I slowly turned my head back to them cleared my throat and asked them, “What do you want from me?”, trying to sound as nice as I could.

I heard an answer but I was too frantic to understand what they’re saying so I apologized and asked again politely, “I can’t understand, can you please say it clearly?” The guy on the left leaned forward and to my ear he said, “Are you Uber?”. With a big sigh of relief I answered back, “No, I’m not! I’m not an Uber driver!”. The two guys looked at each other and said, “Sorry, we thought you are.” And both got out of my car laughing… and I was laughing, too!


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