As the crow flies : The Water Bug in calculations

Search for hotels in Cardiff

Search for hotels in Cardiff

We were looking at to find a hotel in Cardiff, Wales and put in the 25 miles radius. Bingo many options came up. We continued browsing down until we got to some hotels in..Weston-super-Mare, England. Huh?

Hotels in Western Supermare

Hotels in Weston-Super-mare

Knowing something about UK geography and Weston being on the Somerset coast. Weston is NOT 25 miles of travel from Cardiff unless you were a crow or a fish. It looks like calculates a literal radius in it’s algorithm rather than driving distance.

The 25 miles geometric radius.

The 25 miles geometric radius from Cardiff

You would have been Royally upset if you made this booking option, since google maps shows it would have been a 56 mile drive. Not only that but going into Wales would also have cost you a steep Toll on the Severn Bridge

Google maps showing what a "25 mile" booking could have cost.

Google maps showing what a “25 mile” booking could have cost.

“ : The obvious choice”. Sound be renamed to the obvious chance !


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