After Dismaland, a big thanksy to Banksy

Dismaland - just a memory (or a nightmare) now. Copyright PA

Dismaland – just a memory (or a nightmare) now. Copyright PA

Oi Roamans, my mate Banksy’s “Dismaland” was a phenomenal success. Tonight was the last night and Dismaland exhibit has brought in at least $20m unexpected off-season revenue to Weston Super-Mare. The attendees were 4,000 visitors per day with 500 per day walk up admission with many people staying in the town. Hotels and B&B’s were booked out and even my cousin, the Celt, went there without a ticket but was turned down.

Billed as a “bemusement park” that was the pop-up “family” attraction Dismaland was also positioned as “unsuitable for children”.

Wicked !!!!

I laughed my bollocks off reading all those highfalutin, rooting tooting, ponsy art critics (such as the  NYT) yebering on about this not being true art but that was Banky’s point ! It made you look and think about it so who the heck cares !!

From what I hear, Dismaland will be dismantled and wooden ride made into refuge shelters then shipped to Calais for use by the refugees. Not sure they’d get the original exhibition mate but you know better than me.

Oi, Let’s have a shout ‘awt to the Top Geezer – BANKSYYYYY !



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