ABSOLUT beginners : 2 girls going wild get a fighter escort

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley have nothing to do with Sunwig.

Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone

Dahlings, two young women caused so much mayhem with their drunken antics aboard a Sunwig flight to Cuba, that it returned back to its origin of Toronto. It was viewed as being so serious, that NORAD requested fighter escorts.

Milana Muzikante, 26, and Lilia Ratmanski, 25, allegedly drank a “significant quantity” of alcohol in the airplane bathroom and lit a cigarette, which triggered the on-board smoke detector, said Sunwing spokeswoman Janine Champson.

The two women then allegedly got into a physical fight with each other and threatened the aircraft.

Muzikante and Ratmanski are charged with smoking on an aircraft, endangering the safety of an aircraft, mischief over $5,000, mischief endangering life and uttering threats. Endangering the safety of an aircraft, the most severe of the charges, carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Their arrest marks the third time in just over two years the airline has needed a fighter jet escort.

As for the fighter planes bravely patrolling the skies against these chain smoking, duty free swilling ladettes:

Canada’s NORAD sector in Winnipeg put in a call to the Royal Canadian Air Force base in Bagotville, Quebec and ordered them to scramble two CF-18 fighter jets, according to NORAD spokesperson Wright Erubie.

“Just out of an abundance of caution, the NORAD jets were launched and monitored the situation from the air,” said NORAD spokesperson U.S. army Capt. Ruth Castro.

The CF-18s met the Sunwing jet at the Canadian border and did not enter American air space. The escort lasted just four minutes.

Both ladies are of Eastern European heritage.

Outside the courtroom Thursday, Ratmanski’s mother said her daughter was an A nursing student at York who “never smokes, never drinks.”

The mother, who identified herself as a Ukrainian native, was accompanied by a family friend. Neither gave their names.
“I’m so shocked,” the mother said. “I don’t understand what has happened.”

Dear Mother Courage Ratmanski, I know what happened – REALITY.

My dahling friends, Edina and Patsy, were absolutely delighted by this fabulous story when I spoke with them. They chuckled about it and added that NOBODY in the ‘in crowd’ takes a drink into the toilet these days: Everybody knows a drink could spill over the nose candy.

Ciao for now, Cleo.

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