A snow cloud has a silver lining

WISN weather alert for South Wisconnsin

WISN weather alert for South Wisconnsin

I awoke to hear the Mrs Caesar’s lunchtime flight from Houston Bush  to Green Bay was cancelled. No reason was given in her TripCase email. Just cancelled.

Mrs Caesar has business up North for the next 3 weeks and my plan was to drop her off at the airport around 11 am.

While she called AA, I wondered what is going on. I look up flights via google.com/flights and see no flights into Green Bay. However, there were options to Milwaukee.

After 20 minutes, she gave up and called the corporate travel agent who booked her trip. She got voice mail and amazingly, there is no emergency number to them. Business hours only. What is the point of using an agent then for Corporate travel if you have to do all the re-arranging but that is for another discussion.

Eventually AA called back and told her all flights through Chicago are cancelled due to the Blizzard. Apparently there are over 1,000 flights cancelled. As Trajan mentioned Chicago is the worst US airport for winter travel so this is not surprising.

The only options available for AA is to go into Milwaukee (a bout 108 miles south of Green Bay). Since this would get her into MKE very late at night (after 11 pm) and then having another 3 hour drive ahead in potentially winter conditions, she told them to postpone it until tomorrow. Even getting to MKE may not be the end of the story as there is weather warnings of snow fall for South Wisconsin.

However, Mrs Caesar’s travel problem is a unexpected bonus in that I get to spend another day with her. She was only back for 3 day weekend and only yesterday, we said that 3 days was too short a time.

Now what to do? I think we will enjoy to Texas sunshine and later go to the movies where Patricious Caesar wants to see Paddington at Santikos Paladium. Another benefit is this Cinema serves food and drinks to the seats so solving the minor problem of what to make for dinner. Oh happy day.


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