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A friend in KNEED : flight rage after knee defender used | Roads-2-Roam.com

A friend in KNEED : flight rage after knee defender used

The Knee Defender to the rescue.

The Knee Defender

Dahlings, two passengers got into a pretty big kerfuffle aboard a United flight from Newark to Denver.

What is the cause of the war? A drunken brawl by lovers – no. A heated discussion about politics or religion – nope. It was something more horrific: The male passenger in row 12 prevented the woman passenger in row 11 reclining her seat.

The man from 12 fought dirty from the outset, where he used a gadget called a “Knee Defender” that clipped onto the meal tray of the airline seat in front, preventing the seat from reclining.

After row 11 appealed this breach of travel protocol to the United Nations Flight Attendant, Mr Knee defender refused orders to withdraw by the FA. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Miss Recliner blew it by dealing a counter dirty blow by throwing her water over Mr Knee Defender.

The result was an unscheduled landing with both passengers being kicked off the flight and interviewed by the popo. Thankfully for them, no arrests were made.

I had never heard of such a thing such as the Knee Defender but it has been around for a while. Apparently the FAA had been asked to evaluate it. They declined to ban it and handed the decision back to the airlines. Many airlines, including United, banned it but it must have been a double secret probation type of ban.

As usual the comments in the media discussing it are a complete circus:

  • The tall passengers are all against the recliners, they are outraged that anybody impinges their legroom.
  • The recliners view it as their right to well, recline any time: Their right to recline will NOT be declined.
  • The polite ones, make sure to ask the people behind if they can recline before they do it.
  • The timid ones recline but only an inch. They are also too scared to ask permission.
  • Thee business people love the Knee Defender as they can work longer. A bit ironic in that the same company will not fly them business class.
  • The more reflective blame it on the airlines cramming everyone into a small place. Note: in the United case ,the seats were Cattle plus or whatever cutsie name they call it.

However, this is not the strangest air travel seat gadget out there. This must go to the Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion”  as recommended by UK Channel4’s  “Summer Holiday Gadgets” . The one they mention is GasBGon’s ‘Black Badger’:

The GasBGon® flatulence odor control seat cushion is a high performance air filter designed to look and feel like a conventional seat cushion incorporating a sound dampening filter and a proprietary activated carbon odor filter.

I can think of a few flights where this should have been given out to some fellow passengers where they were a source of air outrages. I would have paid for it myself. The Black Badger seat cushion becomes “The Air Defender”.

Since Attack is often called the best form of defence, the “Air Defender” could be tactic to fight against the passenger reclining their seat into YOUR air space. Simply remove it and wait for the results. I will bet you that a few minutes later, the recliner will move their seat upright pretty promptly.

Ciao for now, Cleo.


Previously Queen of Egypt and being romantically linked to both Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony, Cleo is master of social politics.. No stranger to courting scandal, Cleo is Roam’s commentator on society and travel. Her Unique 'BC' viewpoint and friends of everybody, Cleo brings a fresh 'AD' way of looking at travel that stodgy old travel media cannot bring.