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33 chinese tourists blacklisted after not so patriot singing | Roads-2-Roam.com

33 chinese tourists blacklisted after not so patriot singing

PLA song and dance troup doing a musical about airport etiquette: "Dude where's my plane"

PLA song and dance troup practicing for their vacation trip where they are learning the art of complaining.

Dahlings, you have to hand it to the Chinese.

When some 100 or so Chinese nationals got a 10 hour delay by Orient Thai Airlines, they refused to board plane, demanded a public apology, demanded compensation and insisted the airline use a ‘larger’ plane to fly them home.

In a rebel style so uncharacteristic of the normally restrained Chinese, they then broke out in song.

Ah, how romantic. It invokes images of 1830, (or was it May 1832 or June 1832 or even 1850 -well, you get the drift where it is the predecessor of National sport of striking) on the Parisian barricades where rioters sang “La Marseillaise” while firing at the Government troops attempting to dislodge them.

Or perhaps little Billy Idol, who sang in his ditty, “Rebel Yell”  “..In the midnight hour wanting more, more, more”.

So what song did they sing then, Cleo. Was it a local equivalent to Twisted Sister : “We ain’t gonna take it”.

It was none of that. They sang the Chinese national anthem.


Yes, the Chinese national anthem but it must have been a Rosanne Barr version of the national anthem because the Chongqing Tourism Bureau is reported to have blacklisted 33 passengers, for their ‘uncivilised behaviour’.

You’ve got to fight. For your right. To communist party !

Ciao for now,



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