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2016 October | Roads-2-Roam.com


Monthly Archives: October 2016

Wickedleaks #1 : Expedia expletives

Papyleaks : Our private discussion on Expedia customer service fiasco

Papyleaks: Our Mea culpa

We realized it would happen to us eventually. And so it is today fellow Roamans, that I must inform you that it has finally happened.

Like all important worldwide sites, we’ve been Wickedleaked and our intimate discussions are revealed to the world.

We strongly suspect the source of the leak are Parthian hackers who are trying to influence Roaman empire politics.

Nevertheless, I must fall on my own virtual sword and confess that what has been leaked is likely true : Our Emperor colleague, Caligula is a person of interest behind this story.

We have discussed it with Caligula and even though he denied it was him, he apologized profusely. He said he doesn’t remember anything and if it was him, it must have been a locker room typo that he has put behind him that even though it is only a few days ago, it no longer reflects who he is today.

We are pleased to accept his apologies and move on.

Princeps, Roads-2-Roam.com

Hat tip : http://iphonefaketext.com

Our Roaman holiday

beach-roamansQuite a few of have contacted us wondering where on earth we’ve been as we’ve not posted anything for a while.

When in Roam, do as the Roamans do and being in Roam, we did -we’ve been Roaming.

In the past few months, we’ve been to Europe : Germany and the UK. We’ve also traveled within the US to Alaska,  Austin and Dallas.

Some of the Emperors have had a staycation watching the world go by from the triclinium. It’s a tough life you know being fed oysters, dormice and grapes laughing at the modern world of today.

We did feel a small bit of guilt about not posting but only a small bit and to be honest, we were enjoying ourselves too much to tell you about it all. Emperor’s privilege and all that but to show how magnanimous we are at Roads-2-Roam.com, we will give all our online subscribers from 49BC, their money back.