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Monthly Archives: January 2016

France strikes. Again

Anti-Uber taxi drivers block Paris road : Source BBC news

Anti-Uber taxi drivers block Paris road : Source BBC news

The workers of France are at it again : yep, they are on strike where millions of teachers, health workers and air traffic controllers are protesting against reforms.

This taxi drivers are also joining in and protesting against Uber.

This sucks if you are traveling where not only are roads blocked but a fifth of flights at Paris airports were cancelled.

We’ve warned you before but you must factor in the strong possibility of some strike or protest if you are visiting or flying over France. It could completely screw up your plans. I’ll bet money this happens again when the weather warms up.

Japan : internal travel savings for visitors

Picture taken by Mrs Caesar in Kyoto : Copyright Roads-2-Roam.com

Picture taken by Mrs Caesar in Kyoto : Copyright Roads-2-Roam.com

Here’s something for those traveling to Japan. JAL has a Japan Explorer Pass that only costs JPY 10,800 (excluding taxes) per leg when flying within Japan. That is about  $92 at todays rate. The limitations are:

  • 30 internal destination
  • Only available to residents outside Japan who has bought a return ticket
  • Reservations bought though JAL website
  • Economy class only – First class maybe purchased at time of check in but you’ll be standby

Something else to consider is the Japanese Rail Pass which is only available to foreign tourist visiting but pay attention to it’s limitations. The rules of applicability for the JR-Pass are however, complex.

One of it’s key requirements is that it only applies to those on “temporary visitorvisa. Japanese nationals can also get it but the must live outside Japan and be married to foreign national.

The JR-Pass comes in 3 options – 7 day, 14 day and 21 day and then two classification : green (superior) or white ticket classification.

Like the Explorer pass above, The JR-pass must be bought outside Japan before you travel there. There are some limitations on the trains you can take.