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He who smelt it, dealt it.

An old German road sign that indicated “Verkehrsverbot bei Smog” (No traffic allowed in smog conditions).

Volkswagen appears to be in big trouble where it is being reported that they have installed ECU software on their diesel cars which apply full pollution controls only when they are running emissions testing. When actually running in real life, they are bypassed. The result is a car that has much more efficient gas mileage but at the expense of nitrogen oxide emissions which are up to x40 than ‘legal’ limits.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is calling them out for cheating and are referring to this a ‘defeat device’. The State of California is also piling on. If you look at comments on New York Times, a bastion of liberalism, many drivers of VW Diesel are very upset and while they are thankful for the per mileage improvement, they are aghast that their green image is more dirty grey. Continue reading..

When mutant geeks attack !

romeland securityOne thing we hate about running Roam is having to continually fight against barbarians attempting to breach our site.

While we have the Aurellian firewall run by the brave Praetorian Guard, this weekend we are going to have to look at an apparent attempt malware attempt. I say apparent as we don’t believe the company reporting it and think they have a motive in getting you to buy their services.

eBarbarians eh? Feed them to the Lions we say.


Bags of trouble

Passengers having evacuated the burning plane pictured with their carry on luggage.

From the BBC news: This is a picture of some of the passengers departing the burning British Airways plane at Las Vegas airport.

They took their luggage down the emergency shute.

How stupid and selfish is that?

I hope I never will be in a situation like that but if there is an aircraft fire and evacuation is ordered, then I will be violently pushing aside any person gathering their baggage if they are holding up my family up or myself from getting off a burning plane. When it comes to a fire, time is a premium.

It is also reported that some of the passengers were bare foot. NEVER travel on airplane with flip flops or take you shoes off before plane is in the air and stable flying altitude. You may need to be stepping on a very hot surface,  broken glass  or metals shards in event of an emergency.

Another thing about the shoes: The come in handy to doling our a good kick to that person blocking your way while they fish out their duty free.

Join the caravan of love

Roam campaign : Please helpAnother letter from Viz.  This time, it is someone on the internet looking urgently looking for help so being a leading travel website since about 47 BC, let’s see what we can do.

Oi Drivers – Please check your registration to see if you have a caravan that matches this number plate.

Always ready to be of assistance G.M of Kent.


French Letters delivered to Dirty Corner

l'art pour l'art. Or something like that.. Photo : AFP/Getty images

l’art pour l’art. Or something like that..Photo : AFP/Getty images

Dahlings, it seems those Parisians ‘ave bin at it again.

They are on strike you mean Cleo?

No, not on strike but someone has vandalized so called works of art that are associated with yer bits and bobs. Previously it was “The Tree” which looked to everyone as a Butt Plug, was punctured by an unappreciative person. This time they have written anti-Semitic graffiti on the Queen’s organs.

But isn’t Queen Elizabeth about to celebrate to celebrate being the longest monarch in British history. What is someone doing vandalizing the Queen’s organ? What does Price Philip have to say about that? Continue reading..

Teen’s alarming clock sets off security scare

Tweet from Canada's Peel Police.

Tweet from Canada’s Peel Police advising not to bring things which look suspicious to the airport.

Dahlings, What is it with some teenagers when it come to air travel?

Back in July, we had 16 year old James McElvar (see my post) who didn’t want to pay for carry on luggage so wore four layers of clothes. He then blacked out on the plane due to heat exhaustion.

Now I hear about a 15 year old teen who took his alarm clock with him in hand luggage in Toronto Pearson airport.

“What’s wrong with that Cleo?” you ask. Continue reading..

Faultly convictions due to GM ignition failure get overturned

Zachary Stevens’ 2007 Saturn after crashing head-on into a pickup truck. Source: Josh Davis Law Firm via Bloomberg

Imagine you are driving when your car unexpectedly goes out of control and the resulting wreck kills people. You say the car became unresponsive where power steering and the brakes do not work. While crashing, the airbags fail to deploy.

The police do not believe you and you get charged and convicted of manslaughter. You even spend time in prison.

That is what happened to a few people where some were teenagers. While they survived the accident, their lives were in many cases ruined.  Continue reading..

Champagne cork pops EasyJet’s bubble

EasyJet deals

EasyJet “Champagne” selection. Maybe they should stick to beer.

Dahlings, after all these planes making emergency landing due to hail, another flight by UK’s EasyJet on the way from London to Turkey had to make an emergency landing in Milan, Italy.

The reason being it was damaged by a champagne cork.

One couple had ordered a bottle of champagne and after the flight attendant opened it, the cork smashed through ceiling panels causing all the oxygen masks to fall ! After that the pilot diverted to Italy to make emergency repairs. Continue reading..