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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Oranges are not the only fruits

Picture from The Orange show

Pictures from The Orange show. One of Houston’s unique attractions

Following on from the HOA battle with the dinosaurs in Sugarland, I decided to go and re-check out Houston’s batshitterycrazy scene and places associateed with ‘The Orange show‘.

I took Patricious just to get him off his Xbox but I pre-warned him that what he will see, I may not have any explanation about why they did it. So off to 2401 Munger Street, we went – $5 for me but free for kids under 12. As expected I could not explain why or what this entire thing is about. Something about someone who liked oranges and collected random bits of stuff. I think Patricious now understands that sometimes people are just crazy but hey, no one was harmed in the making of whatever the orange show is supposed to be. Continue reading..

Homeassociatic Park


Strange things seen in Greater Houston: Copyright Roads-2-Roam.com

One thing I’ve thought strange about living in America is that in the Land of the free, freedom of how you can actually express yourself is severely constrained by the local home owner association (HOAs).

No fence in your outside yard to protect you house from trespassers; No grass above a few inches or turn your outside yards into a natural haven for butterflies; No painting your house with those Socialist rainbow colors; No broken links on your basketball hoop; No dinosaurs to scare away other potential dinosaurs. Continue reading..

Wacks works

Life like images (yeh right..) of Wax figures in China :Copyright EuroPics.

Life like images (yeh right..) of Wax figures in China :Copyright EuroPics.

Dahlings, I had a good old hearty laugh after reading about the wax works exhibits in Sichaun, China which looked nothing like the originals.

The set of hideously ugly ‘celebrity’ wax models at Huaying Mountain Wax Museum is garnering widespread ridicule from the Chinese public, reported People’s Daily Online.

In fact, some celebrities are said to be thinking about legal action against the museum stating that they had not given permission for the wax works to be made.

What is going on ? These are terrible: Even Caligula after an amphorae of wine, could spot the difference.

I thought China could make immaculate knock offs. Just like when I visited Shenzen, I thought I was seeing the Original Eiffel tower. It was the only the lack of pickpockets, rude frenchies and fact that it was open, gave it away that I was not in Paris.

Shenzen's Window of the World: Quickest way to see the world..

Our of my previous visits to Schenzen. Or was it Paris or Greece or Egypt..

But it is not a really Madame Tussaud’s. The real -non-knock off one – has figurines so lifelike, in Las Vegas has had to call in extra security after one of it’s exhibits of Nicky ‘Anaconda’ Minaj, attracted the wrong type of people having naughty poses with the artiste.

Vegas has standards you know and they can’t have that sort of thing going on you know.

You to go to the lap dance place next door. That way, they can make more money off you.

Ciao for now,

‘Pour le merite’ : Congratulations to the Arras heroes

Arras Train hero's receiving Legion of Honor

Arras Train hero’s receiving Legion d’honneur

Well, One thing you can say about the French is that they didn’t waste any time in handing out the honors.

Receiving the Legion d’honneur (Legion of Honor) from President François Hollande at the Élysée Palace today was:

  • Anthony Sadler, US
  • Spencer Stone, US
  • Alek Skarlatos, US
  • Chris Norman, UK

The details of another hero which has come through is Mark , a 51 year old French American. Moogalian was the person who wrestled away the Kalishnokov but was shot in the neck (not the banker that was previously reported). He will receive the same award at a later date when he recovers.

However, the role and identity of the French banker ‘Dominic’ remains a bit mysterious.


No 72 Virgins for you: Train massacre foiled by brave passengers

US Airman Spencer Stone leaving hospital Photo: Reuters

It is fantastic news about the passengers who overpowered the ISIS terrorist on the French train.

More of the story is coming out where not only were the US young men heroes for tackling the gunman, but there is a 28 year old French banker, who had wrestled away the Kalishnikov before the gunman pulled out his luger to continue his attack. The banker was shot in the chest where he is now in intensive care but in “serious but stable” condition. We wish that person (who wishes to remain anonymous) a speedy recovery

The bravery of all these men prevented a bloodbath. These are true heroes where we tend to overuse it for anyone wearing a uniform.

A Hero should be used exclusively for heroic actions. Continue reading..

The anti-tourist attraction

Dismaland Brochure

Dismaland Brochure

Britain’s newest tourist attraction opened recently where it is a Bemusement Park called “Dismaland“.

If you’ve not heard of it by now it is a 5 week temporary attraction that was put together by my mate Banksy and features attractions designed by many international artists.

Located at Western Super-mare in a disused outdoor swimming pool previously known as ‘Tropicana’, Dismaland is described by Banksy as “festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism” and is billed as “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction”. Continue reading..

HailItalia airline: Another hail damaged jet has emergency landing

Alitalia plane after getting hail damage : Photo ShaneBEgan

I thought that the smashed up Delta flight 1899 due to hail the size of baseballs, was an anomaly. See Hail to the Chief.

I was therefore, surprised to see the picture of an Alitalia plane on it’s way from Rome to Milan that had to make an emergency landing in Naples. It looked very similar – crushed nose cone.

Not surprisingly some of the passengers decided to take the bus after their experience.

Thank you for flying Van Gogh Earlines

New look of the Jet2 set

New look of the Jet2 set

Darlings, last year almost to the day, I wrote about UK budget airline Jet2 where a promotion to give out free air tickets caused a massive brawl instead. [See Fight Club Class]

This time the story Jet2 is in the news with a passenger who had his ear bitten off while flying from Newcastle to Ibiza. It happened just as the plane was about to land.

From the Daily Mail:

One passenger told the Daily Mirror that the victim ran to the front of the plane when it landed covered in blood, with ‘half his ear just hanging off’.

He added: ‘It was a relief to get off and an absolutely horrible thing to happen in a confined space in front of families.’

Another witness told the paper: ‘It was absolutely sickening. To bite someone’s ear off on a plane packed with other people at such close quarters and with families sitting around him is absolutely appalling, people were getting off the plane complaining of feeling physically sick.’

Not sure why they are bringing families into it as if it there were no kids around, it would it be ok but that is Geordies for you, a hard bunch.

You know what Dahlings, they really should look at giving out peanuts like their US Cousins Southwest does to keep hunger at bay. It seems to help as you never see this sort of thing across the pond.

Ciao for now,

PS: I still love the Jet2 logo.

Jet2 Logo: Unfriendly low passengers !

Reality: Unfriendly low passengers !

Announcement : Caesar’s Dad joins Roam

roam dad finalFellow Roamans lend me your ears.

It is with pleasure to announce that a new character, Caesar’s Dad, will be joining the staff as a guest writer.

When we can persuade him to stick his head out of his shed and stop listening to Radio Roam, Caesar’s Dad will dictate to a scribe his thoughts and reviews.

He will bring his own particular viewpoint to a travel site in that he never wants to meet anyone, go anywhere or do anything different from his daily routine.