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All’s Whale, Ends Whale: Southwest ditches Seaworld alliance

Photo by Robert Pitman (NOAA)

Killer Whales in the Wild where the belog: Photo by Robert Pitman (NOAA)

We at Roads-2-Roam have long had a problem with SeaWorld’s fundamental business model where we consider it a sad and cruel attraction. Until recently, we lived in San Antonio but refused out of principle to take our family or visitors there.

After seeing the movie Blackfish, it only added to our distaste.

We are pleased to see that Southwest is not renewing their advertising contract with SeaWorld where it will no longer feature “Shamu” on their planes. From U-T San Diego:

Southwest and SeaWorld, which has marine parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio, insist that the decision was a mutual one, predicated on “shifting priorities” by both companies.

Both issued the same statement:

“Southwest and SeaWorld have mutually decided not to renew their partnership when the contract expires at the end of the year,” they said. “Our promotional marketing relationship began in 1988 and was one of the first of its kind – focused on co-marketing opportunities between Southwest passengers and SeaWorld visitors.

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Dark clouds for the Black Cab: Projection for London’s iconic Taxis

Future of London Black Cab?

Future of London Black Cab?

Business education classes teach a technique called “PEST analysis” to assess the market attractiveness or a health of a company. It looks at  the external factors beyond your control, that are either opportunities or threats to your business.

In this context P.E.S.T is an acronym that refers to POLITICAL, ECONOMIC,  SOCIAL or  TECHNOLOGICAL trends coming in the near future.

Eco City Vehicles (ECV) is the company that makes black cabs and they are getting hammered by a perfect storm of PESTs. These are all threats with hardly any opportunities. A market report by “This is Money” discusses the bleak outlook for ECV. Continue reading..

United we fall, divided we stand : Auto response to a complaint

United: Trying to serve you right

United: Trying to serve you right

Dahlings, Reddit is again making news as the source for news.

The other week, it was the source for rather upset wife posting a spreadsheet compiled by her husband, documenting why they have not being doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Not only that, but he showed a cold streak in him by emailing it to her before she went on business trip. She also shows some bad form by pasting it on Reddit. Maybe they are meant for each other.

Recently posted by Reddit user “Lyndy” is a letter from United is a classic in customer (don’t) care if indeed the letter is true – see the image.

When asked for a comment, an unamed United spokesperson sent us a text saying “Whatever. Bite me you (SPECIFIC PROFANITY) ” .

Ciao for now, Cleo.